51. Silver Foxes!

Whenever I get asked, I tell everyone that I like my men like I like my whiskey: mature. And today won’t disappoint because we’re doing silver foxes! For this well-aged episode we read “Choose Me (Silver Fox Romance Book 1)” by Natasha Moore, and “Second Chance” by Jay Northcote. Today our seasoned hosts discuss: theContinue reading “51. Silver Foxes!”

50. Librarians!

I hope you’re not a screamer, because the love we’re talking about today is quiet and literary. That’s right, we’re doing librarians! And it’s our 3-year anniversary! To celebrate the leather anniversary, we read “Good Girls Do” by Cathie Linz and “By the Book” by Scarlett Parrish. For this romantic traipse through the Dewey DecimalContinue reading “50. Librarians!”

49. Hate to Love!

The burning passion in his eyes. The snide comments. The smouldering looks. It can only mean one thing: he hates you. Or it could mean that he loves you. So, two things, I guess. It could mean two things. We’re figuring out adult, human emotions because today we’re doing Hate to Love! On this passion-fulledContinue reading “49. Hate to Love!”

Quickie#12: Tingle Your Own Adventure

Some choices have been made lately that really should be relegated to a different timeline. Good thing we have Chuck Tingle to help remind us that love conquers all (and maybe to teach us how to fix our timeline). For this quickie, we read “Escape From The Billings Mall: A Select Your Own Timeline Adventure”Continue reading “Quickie#12: Tingle Your Own Adventure”

NaNoWriMo 2020: Part 3!

November is almost over, which means that our hosts are in the final stretch of trying to write their romance novels. Has anyone fallen in love yet? Have there been throbbing members and budding nipples? Claire and Neil share how the processes is going for them, share some of their novels, and answer Christine’s probingContinue reading “NaNoWriMo 2020: Part 3!”