68. Treasure Hunters!

It is a truth universally acknowledged that millennials with too much time on their hands must be in want of starting a podcast. This direct quote is very wise, and that’s why today we’re doing modern retellings of Jane Austen!

63. Reality Dating Shows!

Nothing quite speaks to the quiet intimacy of falling in love like doing it in front of cameras and millions of viewers. Which is why we’re doing reality dating shows! Today we read “One to Watch” by Kate Stayman-London and “The Charm Offensive” by Alison Cochrun. For this heavily produced and subtly scripted episode, ourContinue reading “63. Reality Dating Shows!”

62. Ladies Who Inherit Businesses!

We here at FMK love a boss ass lady. And today we’re taking that very literally because this episode is all about ladies inheriting a business! For this fiscally sound episode, we read “Twisted Creek” by Jodi Thomas and “Satisfaction Guaranteed” by Karelia Stetz-Waters. Our boss bitch hosts discuss some fantastic cartoony villains, the manyContinue reading “62. Ladies Who Inherit Businesses!”

61. Sasquatches!

Bigfoots? Bigfeet? However you say it, we’re gonna get us some elusive lovers today! And to do that, we read “Bigfoot and the Librarian” by Linda Winstead Jones and “Going Sasquatch (Finnegan & Morrow Book 1)” by Jess Whitecroft. In this episode, our hairy hosts discuss retractable bigfoot penises, the dangers of a 12th birthdayContinue reading “61. Sasquatches!”

60. Screenwriters!

Interior; Podcast studio; day. Two tipsy hosts are yammering on about something. Cross-fade to…ROMANCE! We hope you like movie magic, dear listeners, because today we’re doing Screenwriters! For this episode we read “It’s Complex” by Shoma Narayanan and “This is Kind of an Epic Love Story” by Kacen Callender. In this well-structured episode, our hostsContinue reading “60. Screenwriters!”