Quickie # 9: Tingle v. Rowling

A certain Jaded Karen has gotten herself into a Harry situation being awful on Twitter, and Chuck Tingle won’t let that stand! On this fourth wall-breaking episode, our hosts read and discuss Tingle’s new novel, “Trans Wizard Harriet Porber and the Bad Boy Parasaurolophus.” It’s got magic, motorcycles, and sex with a dinosaur! Everything youContinue reading “Quickie # 9: Tingle v. Rowling”

Quickie #8: Black Lives Matter!

On today’s Quickie, we felt the need to break our “No Current Events” rule to share our thoughts on the Black Lives Matter movement and the murder of black people at the hands of police across the country. But we’re three white people, so listen to us if you want, but it’s more important toContinue reading “Quickie #8: Black Lives Matter!”

Quickie #7: Still in Quarantine!

We’re still sheltering in place here in the Bay Area, so our health-minded hosts recorded another quickie while we figure out the logistics of recording separately. Neil has an article to share, Claire brings some problematic nonsense from Twitter, and we play a new game! FMKocktail! Neil and Claire name a romance trope and theyContinue reading “Quickie #7: Still in Quarantine!”

Quickie #6: Quarantine Romance!

Well, we’re sheltering in place and practicing social distancing for the common good, even though it’s very, very hard. Significant others are getting in plenty of quality time together (the quality of that time, according to the internets, is all over the place). But what about the single ladies? All the single ladies! In thisContinue reading “Quickie #6: Quarantine Romance!”

LIVE! 2nd Anniversary Show!

Can you believe we’ve been doing this for two years! To celebrate, we did another live show at Books Inc.! On this episode, we have a little “year in review” action, and then we use the VAST knowledge we’ve learned from romance novels to answer your romance advice questions! Claire’s 2019 Picks An Extraordinary UnionContinue reading “LIVE! 2nd Anniversary Show!”