78. Grim Reapers!

They say “‘Till death do us part,” but we think that when it comes to love, death is just the beginning! And that’s why today we’re doing grim reapers! For this soulful episode we read “Pushing Up Posies (Grim Dating Book 1)” by Eve Langlais and “Kim Reaper Vol. 1: Grim Beginnings” by Sarah Graley.Continue reading “78. Grim Reapers!”

77. Zombie Apocalypses!

Listeners, we’re not into you just for your amazing bodies. We’re also into you for your brains. Your tasty, tasty brains. And that’s why today we’re doing zombie apocalypses! For this world-ending episode we read “Tainted Blood: A Zombie Apocalypse Romance Novel (Forsaken Hope Book 1)” by Ellabee Andrews and “Stung (Zombie Gentlemen) (m/m romance)”Continue reading “77. Zombie Apocalypses!”

72. Cowpokes!

It gets lonely out here on the ranch, so we’re ready to rustle up some love! That’s why today we’re doing cowpeople!…Cowfolk?…Cowpersons? Cowpokes! For this heart-wrangling episode, we read “Crazy for the Cowboy” by Cindy Spencer Pape and “Braggin Rights” by Kenna White. Our rugged hosts discuss the discombobulating power of hats, the ins andContinue reading 72. Cowpokes!

71. Gangsters!

Nothing’s sexier than a little danger. Except maybe danger coupled with some fantastic organizational skills, which is why today we’re doing Mobsters! For this criminally sexy episode, we read “Bedding the Enemy” by LaQuette and “Steel Hearts (Brothers in Blue Book 1)” by Jason Collins. Our felonious hosts discuss the most complicated route to getContinue reading “71. Gangsters!”

70. Princes!

You, dear listeners, are royalty to us and should be wooed accordingly. Which is why today we’re doing princes! Specifically, modern princes with commoners (we love a specific theme). For this episode we read “His Most Convenient Bride (Princely Passions)” by Holly Rayner and “The Royal Report” by Claire Castle. Our imperial hosts discuss bakingContinue reading “70. Princes!”