NaNoWriMo 2020: Part 4!

Well, November has ended, which means that so has NaNoWriMo 2020. Did our hosts reach their 50K word goal? Did they finish their novels? Have they been published already? Are they already best sellers? Why haven’t you read their best-selling books?! We answer these questions and more as our hosts reflect back on the month and their NaNoWriMo experience.

If you’re interested in donating to NaNoWriMo or trying your hand at writing a novel (it’s not too late!) then check out their website:

Exclusive Excerpt

Patrick turned around and bent over slightly to grab his phone, exposing his shapely ass, orange in the candlelight. Cary was mesmerized by the slight movement of muscle as Patrick bent over. Before he could think, his body had spurred itself into action. He let himself drop to his knees (cringing internally at how his knees protested), and reached up to grab Patrick’s round cheeks and gently spread them. Normally he’d have taken the time to flirt and tease, but he couldn’t stand to wait. Patrick’s hole, pink and lightly dusted with hair, was impossible to withstand. So Cary dove, tongue-first, lapping between Patrick’s cheeks. Again, Cary was met with the faint smell of lavender and could’ve spent all night in the garden. Patrick had stiffened with surprise, but quickly recovered and pushed himself back against Cary’s face. Cary pressed against Patrick’s hole with his tongue, coaxing it to let him in. In an instant Patrick relaxed, and Cary’s tongue was surrounded by a tight warmth. He was drunk on the smell of lavender and clean skin, and the sound of Patrick’s pants and groans seemed to harmonize with the drumming of the rain above.

Finally, in deference to his protesting knees, Cary pushed Patrick forward slightly so that he tumbled onto the bed. He shifted into a squat and was able to get a better angle as he drove his tongue in and out of Patrick’s hole. Patrick reached back to spread his own cheeks as he titled his hips up slightly, letting Cary lick even deeper. Cary found a rhythm bouncing his head up and down on Patrick’s ass and would stop every now and again the shove his tongue in deep and swirl it around, eliciting moans and curses from Patrick. Cary reached up under Patrick as he lifted his hips so that he could slide Patrick’s cock to hang down over the edge of the bed. As Cary plumbed Patrick’s hole, now slick with saliva, he began gently teasing Patrick’s cock, rubbing the base of his thumb around and under the head. Patrick moaned and even whined slightly as Cary teased his cock, never lingering in one spot for too long.

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