Quickie #10: Interview with a Romance Novel Editor!

Ok, to be fair she’s a former romance novel editor. But we’re still so excited to interview Kristy Lin Billuni, aka The Sexy Grammarian. Our intrepid interviewers probe Kristy about how she found romance, how she became an editor of romance novels, and just how helpful motorcycle enthusiasts are. And of course there’s some FMK! Kristy is now The Sexy Grammarian, a developmental editor/writing coach, whose specialties include helping new authors grow. So if that’s you, check out her website: sexygrammar.com

Book recommendations:

Fixer by Sally Vedros
Thriving in Sex Work series by Lola Davina
Brown by Nancy Johnson James & Constance Moore
Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas
Polari – The Lost Language of Gay Men (Routledge Studies in Linguistics Book 1) by Paul Baker

One thought on “Quickie #10: Interview with a Romance Novel Editor!

  1. Hey, just came across this and wanted to make sure you knew that there is another more general audience book on Polari also by Paul Baker called Fabulosa. It has the advantage of being $9.99 in ebook!
    Just in case you want to put it in the show notes.
    All best,


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