Quickie #5: Breaking News at the RWA!

We interrupt our regularly scheduled episode to bring you breaking news from the Romance Writers of America! In this not so quick quickie, Claire updates us on the scandal that is rocking the romance world, and Neil discusses Chuck Tingle’s literary critic of the whole affair: “Not Pounded By Romance Wranglers Of America Because Their New Leadership Is From The Depths Of The Endless Cosmic Void” So strap in, because things are about to get crazy! (And, spoilers, a little racist).

Articles Cited:

Claire Ryan’s Timeline
Laura Vivanco’s write up on Corporate Buyer
Suzan Tisdale’s Video Response
“Fifty Shades of White” – The Guardian, April 2019
“What Happened?” – Vox, December 2019
“President and Executive Director Resign” – Publisher’s Weekly, January 2020
“The Leaders Have Resigned” – LitHub
Suzan Brokmann’s Acceptance Speech
Sue Grimshaw’s Award (Read the comments)

We didn’t talk about this in the podcast but it’s worth looking at.

“The Ten Most Bonker’s Moments from this Damon Suede Interview”

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