LIVE SHOW! Interview with Casey McQuiston

That’s right, kids, a live show! This is the recording of our live show on 11/15/2019 at Books Inc. Laurel Heights in San Francisco with special guest co-host Meg Trowbridge of Vicious Cycle! We interviewed fabulous author Casey McQuiston about her book “Red, White, and Royal Blue.” It was a fantastic time and we’re so thankful to both Casey and Books, Inc. Sadly, the audio didn’t really pick up the audience questions, so those are summarized below:

1) What are some of the scenes that ended up being cut?
2) What was the research process like for researching Texas? (asked by a gay guy who was born in London and grew up in Texas, so obviously this book is about him)
3) This book is really inclusive in that it portrays characters of various ethnicities and sexualities. Was that a goal from the offset, or was it a product of the writing process?

Red, White, and Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston



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