40. Male Nannies!

The dishes are done, the toys are put away, the kids are asleep….and now it’s time for OUR bedtime conspicuous wink We hope you have some healthy snacks handy, because today we’re reading about male nannies! In this episode we read “The Nanny” by Max Hudson, and “RAFE: A Buff Male Nanny (Loose Ends BookContinue reading “40. Male Nannies!”

Quickie #6: Quarantine Romance!

Well, we’re sheltering in place and practicing social distancing for the common good, even though it’s very, very hard. Significant others are getting in plenty of quality time together (the quality of that time, according to the internets, is all over the place). But what about the single ladies? All the single ladies! In thisContinue reading “Quickie #6: Quarantine Romance!”

LIVE! 2nd Anniversary Show!

Can you believe we’ve been doing this for two years! To celebrate, we did another live show at Books Inc.! On this episode, we have a little “year in review” action, and then we use the VAST knowledge we’ve learned from romance novels to answer your romance advice questions! Claire’s 2019 Picks An Extraordinary UnionContinue reading “LIVE! 2nd Anniversary Show!”

37. American Ladies in England….In the ’20s!

Alright, ladies, it’s time to raise your skirts and bob your hair because we’re heading back to the ’20s! But we can stand this pesky prohibition thing, so we’ll hop across the pond and see if we can’t find some love. All of this to say that we’re doing American ladies in England in theContinue reading “37. American Ladies in England….In the ’20s!”

36. Romance How-To Authors!

Are you hungry for something sweet? Salty? Creamy? Well open up, because today we. They say that those who can’t do, teach. Well we say those who teach, can do, and do so all night long. And we’re putting that to the test, because today we’re discussing novels written by our how-to gurus from episodeContinue reading “36. Romance How-To Authors!”

Quickie #5: Breaking News at the RWA!

We interrupt our regularly scheduled episode to bring you breaking news from the Romance Writers of America! In this not so quick quickie, Claire updates us on the scandal that is rocking the romance world, and Neil discusses Chuck Tingle’s literary critic of the whole affair: “Not Pounded By Romance Wranglers Of America Because TheirContinue reading “Quickie #5: Breaking News at the RWA!”

35. Romance How-To Guides!

Hello, lover. We’re going to teach you the ways of love……-driven novels. Because today we’re reading romance how-to guides! On this education episode, we read “Verbalize: bring stories to life & life to stories (live wire writer guides)” by Damon Suede and “Romancing the Beat: Story Structure for Romance Novels (How to Write Kissing BooksContinue reading “35. Romance How-To Guides!”

LIVE SHOW! Interview with Casey McQuiston

That’s right, kids, a live show! This is the recording of our live show on 11/15/2019 at Books Inc. Laurel Heights in San Francisco with special guest co-host Meg Trowbridge of Vicious Cycle! We interviewed fabulous author Casey McQuiston about her book “Red, White, and Royal Blue.” It was a fantastic time and we’re soContinue reading “LIVE SHOW! Interview with Casey McQuiston”