Quickie #5: Breaking News at the RWA!

We interrupt our regularly scheduled episode to bring you breaking news from the Romance Writers of America! In this not so quick quickie, Claire updates us on the scandal that is rocking the romance world, and Neil discusses Chuck Tingle’s literary critic of the whole affair: “Not Pounded By Romance Wranglers Of America Because TheirContinue reading “Quickie #5: Breaking News at the RWA!”

35. Romance How-To Guides!

Hello, lover. We’re going to teach you the ways of love……-driven novels. Because today we’re reading romance how-to guides! On this education episode, we read “Verbalize: bring stories to life & life to stories (live wire writer guides)” by Damon Suede and “Romancing the Beat: Story Structure for Romance Novels (How to Write Kissing BooksContinue reading “35. Romance How-To Guides!”

LIVE SHOW! Interview with Casey McQuiston

That’s right, kids, a live show! This is the recording of our live show on 11/15/2019 at Books Inc. Laurel Heights in San Francisco with special guest co-host Meg Trowbridge of Vicious Cycle! We interviewed fabulous author Casey McQuiston about her book “Red, White, and Royal Blue.” It was a fantastic time and we’re soContinue reading “LIVE SHOW! Interview with Casey McQuiston”

32. European Vacations!

Grab your passport because we’re going to bang in Berlin. We’re going for a romp in Rome. We’re going to get laid in London. We’re going on a European vacation! For our grand tour, we read “French Connection (Club Privé Book 1)” by M.S. Parker, and “Adrift (Cruising Book 1)” by L.A. Witt. On today’sContinue reading “32. European Vacations!”

31. Wedding Planners!

Caterers? Check! Floral arrangement? Check! Getting in your pants? Double check! We’re back, and we’re doing wedding planners! Like, literally DOING wedding planners! On this highly coordinated episode, we read “Legally Wed” by Rick R. Reed and “Amalfi Coast: A Bad Boy International Romance (Entangle Me Book 2)”. Today, our hosts discuss fur babies, caramel-flavoredContinue reading “31. Wedding Planners!”